Artist in Residence Series - Oak Bay Beach Hotel

More than ever, luxury travelers desire immersive experiences. To satisfy that craving, hotels are curating cultural environments, with art as a significant ingredient. Many local artists, galleries and museums now partner with hotels as a way to create a dialogue between destination and traveler.

Whether it’s waking up to a celebrity portrait by a legendary artist or a conversation with an artist-in-residence, guests depart with a resounding connection to place that goes beyond the traditional hotel experience.

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is honoured to support the  Victoria Arts Council ‘Artist in Residence Series’ where we feature a different artist each month.

Featured Artist for August – Jennifer McIntyre

I have always been interested in design and have been working with pattern and colour in still life. Each painting is a puzzle to be solved: the colour combinations, contrast of darks and lights, exploration of dominance and subtlety, consideration of nuances of composition are all challenging.

Of course, trying to take an original approach to the subject matter is especially important. Each painting presents its own challenges and is made up of a long ‘series of corrections’ until it is complete, interesting and satisfying.