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A Reflection on 2021…

As we prepare to welcome another New Year, filled with hope and optimism, it is also a wonderful time to reflect on all that 2021 brought us. It is easy to say that this was a year that saw many challenges, however, what stands out the most for me is the pride I feel when I look back on what our entire team was able to accomplish. It has been a truly remarkable year for the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and for each of our dedicated team members. 

There was a moment of pause when we looked at the top of the 2021 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards and discovered our boutique, 100 room hotel had been recognized as the #1 Top Hotel in Canada. This is a distinction that our team strives for each day. To have this recognition, alongside that of #19 Hotel in the World, truly took our breath away. We immediately began to reflect on every experience we delivered to our guests and community, and how each of them played a part in our efforts to achieve such an extraordinary title.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, as leaders in our industry, we knew we could only focus on what we could control. This mindset led us to wonderful innovations and enhancements to our guest experience, such as recreating personalized touches, partnering with local companies to create FARO Lane, collaborating with K’Pure Naturals to create a custom Oak Bay Beach Hotel hand sanitizer, realizing the potential of our ocean view outdoor patios (soon to have permanent heaters installed), to name a few. Focusing on how we could better service our guests amid a pandemic also allowed us to create new positions for our team, such as our now permanent Welcome Ambassadors, who are the first and last face each guest will see during their stay and are our go-to stewards for absolutely all information our guests may need.

We also recognized the hardships we have all faced, especially our hardworking team members. The struggles of mental health are a reality all too familiar to us all, and so coming up with ways to support and bolster our team’s mental and physical well-being was one of our top priorities. From fitness challenges to coworker recognition ballots, our team goes above and beyond to celebrate our successes every month, recognizing that it takes a team to deliver memorable experiences. 

Finally, this last year truly showed us the magic of our surrounding community. In times where our community was the only resource to rely on, we were continually overwhelmed by how our local guests continued to support each of our offerings, our new restaurant, our takeaway experiences, The Boathouse Spa, our Winemakers Dinners, and so much more. Embracing and supporting our local community has become such a strong focal point whenever we now choose to showcase a new offering.

While this will be a challenging year to top, we are excited about all the potential 2022 will bring.  Next December will mark the 10th anniversary since our magnificent rebuild. We have many exciting events and offerings planned that we cannot wait to share with everyone!

We are speechless and humbled to have your support during these ever-changing times. We hope you continue to find a haven in this special place you helped us create and wish you a wonderful year of fresh opportunities and new hope.

Yours in Service, 

Madone Pelan 

General Manager at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel